Ginger Blondie, Ginger Cream & Truffles

This was the first Sheen Suppers dessert ever. And very popular it was too. So this weekend I served it again…..

The recipe makes about 16 small Blondies, 12 large ones, less if you trim the edges off to make them neater. Basically, a tin 18cm x 32cm or the equivalent size in a different shaped tin.

Ginger Blondies:

300g good quality white choc (chopped into very small bits)

150g unsalted butter (cubed)

1 level tbsp of grated fresh ginger – microplane grated is best (no fibres)

I vanilla pod

300g soft brown sugar

3 medium eggs (size is important in this case)

175g plain flour

In a large bowl, beat together eggs, sugar and vanilla pod scrapings.

Use a bain mairie to carefully melt together 200g of the choc and butter on a low heat. Cool for 5 minutes so you don’t scramble the eggs and add to the egg/sugar mixture.

When well mixed, add the flour – don’t beat the life out of it but do carefully make sure it’s properly mixed.

Mix in the ginger and taste. It should be there but should not overpower the fudgy flavour of the choc. Stir in remaining chocolate bits and pour into the tray (they need to be small so they melt quickly and don’t sink). Tap the tin a couple of times to get rid of big bubbles. Cook for 35 minutes in a pre-heated oven (180/gas 4 – I use the conventional rather than the fan setting). Test at 30 minutes. They are ready when an inserted skewer is cleanish – some stickiness is fine and in fact, desired.

Ginger Cream:

The amounts for the cream entirely depend on how many people you wish to serve (obviously).

For a pint of double cream, add 4 tbsp of Golden Syrup and 1 level tbsp of Ground Ginger and whip to desired thickness.


250g good quality white choc (small bits)

150g good quality white choc (finely grated)

60ml of double cream

50g unsalted butter

1 tsp of ground ginger

Pinch nutmeg

Crystallised ginger for decoration

In a pan and carefully, on a low heat, melt 250g of the choc with all other ingredients (except the crystallised ginger). Cool in a covered tray in the fridge for anything¬† from 2 to 12 hours (I often leave overnight). It’s ready for the next stage when it’s firm and you can scoop out a truffle shape with a spoon, melon baller etc. but it still has some stickiness. Roll the truffle shapes (you’ll get 35 ish small truffles from this recipe but you can make them whatever size you want). Roll them in the grated choc, add a little strip of crystallised ginger to the top and sit on greaseproof paper in a sealed container in a nice cold fridge to set further. Grating chocolate is a pain so as an alternative, simply roll in cocoa powder.



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4 responses to “Ginger Blondie, Ginger Cream & Truffles

  1. This is ACTUALLY the best dessert I have ever eaten in the world ever. I’ve never heard such a noisy table fall so silent so quickly. I am sooo making these!

  2. Thanks – glad you liked it! It is total filth….!

  3. Linds

    This has made my day… I’ve been dreaming about these since Saturday!

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